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Direct Drive Conveyors convey dry material onto a wide range of process equipment in a highly efficient and cost effective way. The conveying surfaces are one-piece stainless steel construction with no mechanical parts in contact with the product. Direct Drive Conveyors operate through a twin vibrator drive, whose location is suitable with the current installation requirements.

How efficient dry material processing works How it Works

Drive mechanism The utilisation of contra-rotating electromechanical motors imparts both an upward & forward stroke to the main feeder body. The angle of the motors determines the preference towards either lift or conveying. The stroke can be adjusted from zero to around 10mm in most cases.

Isolation mounts Standard barrel type solid rubber mounts can be used with the addition of safety straps. Alternatively Rosta style mechanical mounts are generally preferred since these restrict the movement in the linear plane & minimise throw during the final stages of slowing down. For suspension design isolation rods & rubber mounts are provided along with safety straps

Hopper interface For hopper bottom installations Rotex can provide either an open type or fully enclosed type interface with or without a rod gate isolation system.

Dry Material Installation Installation

Support stand For floor level installations structural support stands are available onto which the feeder is mounted. Under normal operation these stands need to be adequately secured to the floor or supporting media.

Suspension For all suspension designs rod type support hangers & solid rubber mounts are preferred. Safety straps are supplied as standard.

Clearances It is critical that on any installation there is clearance between the vibratory pan & any surrounding structure. The discharge pan requires around 75mm clearance to allow for any start/stop movement.

Electrical Where 2 Electromechanical motors are fitted Both motors must be wired to the same stop/start switch & must be wired to contra rotate.

Direct Drive Specifications Specifications

Construction All machines are available in either mild or stainless steel construction. Liners are available in most materials such as – Mild steel, Stainless, UHMWP, Abro, Hardox, Alumina, Ceramic.

Sizes Sizes range from 200mm – 2m wide & from 0.5m to over 6m long.

Drives The drives are from an electromechanical range with adjustable weights for accurate tuning. Voltages & IP requirements can be offered to suit most applications.

Enclosures Covers can be offered with either bolted or quick release mechanisms. Fully enclosed systems use Trelleborg type seals & enclosed shrouds.

Direct Drive Conveyor
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