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Rotex’s Pellet Screeners are designed to address the needs of compounders who require the accurate removal of off-size material with quick and easy set up between batches. Various application types include commodity plastic pellets, PVC resin, polymer, polyolefins and more. The Plastic Pellet Screener features an optional double pass, it is able to screen pellets twice for increased accuracy and efficiency.

This screening machine can be floor mounted, stand-elevated, or on wheels. The lower silhouette enables installation at a height as low as 68cm.

How Plastic Pellet Screeners Work How it Works

Superior Product Quality ROTEX Plastic Pellet Screeners utilise a unique horizontal gyratory-reciprocating motion as well as an exclusive Dual Velocity drive with a positive displacement stroke. This drive achieves unmatched removal of oversize and longs.

Long-Stroke Gyratory Motion With a gyratory motion four times as long as vibratory screeners, the Plastic Pellet Screener spreads pellets evenly across the full width of the unit. This motion then stratifies the material for exceptionally efficient fines removal.

PVC Separation Installation Installation

Double Pass Dual-deck option provides a second screening surface for longs removal. Material is first screened on the top deck to remove fines and longs. The on-size product is then re-screened on a second deck for highly efficient removal of longs 0.95 cm and larger.

Blinding Control Pneumatic Tappers Pneumatic tappers can be added for additional control of screen blinding to allow for running longer batches without interruptions for cleaning. “Tapping” frequency and force are both variable and can be adjusted by operator. Stainless steel wire screens, perforated plates, or a combination of the two can meet any separation requirement.

Plastic Pellet Specifications Specifications

High Efficiency Efficiently removes longs without losing good on-spec plastic pellets with the over-size. Unique Blinding control without the use of mesh cleaning balls.

Unique Blinding control Blinding control without the use of mesh cleaning balls.

Cleanability Lightweight parts easily handled by a single operator allowing for easy disassembly.

Low Headroom Lower silhouette than most other screening equipment allowing for bespoke plastic screening solution.

Simple And Reliable Drive Low maintenance – only three bearings greased annually.

Portable Available option for casters with kick-down legs.

Plastic Pellet Screener
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