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The classic Rotex machine is a proven rugged, long-lasting and versatile screening machine that has been used in countless applications throughout the world for decades. Featuring Rotex’s Gyratory Reciprocating Motion, the Rotex consistently delivers on-spec product with less reject of good materials, resulting in increased profits. Rotex screener models range from one to five screen surfaces (with sizes ranging from 0.8- 10.2 m2) for separations with openings from 12mm to 325mm mesh allowing for a complete bespoke screening solution.

How Rotex Screening Works How it Works

How it Works
Gyratory motion rapidly distributes, stratifies, and separates The unique gyratory-reciprocating motion begins with a horizontal circular motion at the feed end that immediately spreads the material across the full width of the screen.

1. Circular motion at feed end The circular motion gradually diminishes along the length of the machine to an elliptical path, and finally to an approximate straight-line motion at the discharge end.

2. Changing to elliptical motion at centre This motion allows the machine to process material at a higher capacity and improves screening performance for near-size material.

3. Straight-line motion at discharge end There is no vertical component to this motion – thus keeping the material in constant contact with the screen surface

Industrial Screening Installation Installation

Floor Mounting Because the Rotex counterbalanced drive has low transmitted forces, the Apex can be floor mounted in properly designed structures, a design feature unique to this type of equipment. The Apex can be mounted directly on the floor or on an elevated structural steel framework, which allows for drums and other equipment to be located under the machine. Rotex application engineers are available to recommend a stand for any specific application.

Cable Suspension Apex Screeners can be cable-suspended from the four corners of the machine, thereby isolating out-of-balance screening forces from the surrounding structure. Accurate counterbalancing of the Apex Screener makes this type of installation option possible. If the existing overhead structure is not suitable or structurally unable to support the cable-suspended unit, the Apex Screener can be suspended from a floor-mounted cable support stand. As with conventional cable suspension, this option effectively isolates the horizontal out-of-balance screening forces, which minimizes costs for new structures and permits the use of older structures that might not otherwise support cable-suspended equipment.

Screening and Serarating Equipment Specifications Specifications

Positive Screen Cleaning The bouncing action of the balls keeps screen openings clear, maintaining efficiency and capacity.

Automatic Tensioning Unique screen attachment method eliminates need for tools and adjustment.

Dynamic Absorber Drives ROTEX drives are designed for long term, trouble-free service with minimal maintenance required.

Inlet/Outlet Connections The sliding inlet virtually eliminates the regular replacement of your flexible connecting sleeves, and will not crack or split because the sleeve is stationary.

Compensating Clamps Patented spring actuated clamps take the guesswork out of cover clamping.

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