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SFH Feeders provide accurate controlled bulk materials extraction from storage hoppers utilizing a wide size range of electromagnetic vibrating feeders. SFH Feeders have a rugged and robust design and are constructed from abrasion resistant stainless steel, making them ideal for continuous heavy-duty applications up to 904 TPH. Electro-magnetically operated, the vibratory power unit guarantees performance that remains unaffected by heavy loads.

How SFH Feeder Works How it Works

Drive mechanism The SFH range of feeders uses an electromagnetic type high frequency drive which generates 1.6mm stroke at 3000CPM (50HZ). The power unit is manufactured as a substantial cast steel housing to accommodate the main electrical & mechanical drive elements. Due to the high frequency & low stroke products are conveyed with virtually no detectable movement of the machine.

For larger type feeder pans multiple power units can be fitted & synchronised to run either in tandem or parallel.

Isolation mounts For floor or support stand installation, isolation springs are supplied along with upper & lower mounts. For suspension design isolation spring nests & housings are provided.

Hopper interface For hopper bottom installations Rotex can provide either an open type or fully enclosed type interface with or without a rod gate isolation system.

With all SFH type feeders a control panel is supplied which allows for either “Local, Remote or Automated” control. As such the control can be linked to a remote control room or the likes of a belt weigher via a 4-20 milliamp signal.

Bulk Material feeder Installation Installation

Support stand For floor level installations structural support stands are available onto which the feeder is mounted. Under normal operation these stands need to be adequately secured to the floor or supporting media.

Suspension For most suspension designs the feeders are generally suspended from the hopper interface & form an integral part of the whole mechanism.

Clearances It is critical that on any installation there is clearance between the vibratory pan & any surrounding structure. The discharge pan requires around 25mm simply to allow for any subsequent movement or settlement of mating equipment.

Electrical The control panel requires local wiring from a suitable sustainable & non fluctuating supply. The panel also requires local wiring to the feeder power unit/units.

Feeder and screening Equipment Specification Specifications

Construction All machines are available with either mild or stainless steel pans. Liners are available in most materials such as – Mild steel, Stainless, UHMWP, Abro, Hardox, Alumina, Ceramic.

Sizes Sizes range from 200mm – 2m wide & from 0.3m to over 6m long.

Drives The drives are from an electromagnetic robust range with a pre-set amplitude. Voltages & IP requirements can be offered to suit most applications.

Enclosures Due to the high frequency drive covers are generally offered as a bolted design. Fully enclosed systems use Trelleborg type seals & enclosed shrouds.

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